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Kaf . ك

Kaf . ك

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Serie01’s freestanding letters are made of natural beech wood. Each letter is handcarved by skillful artisans from Tripoli - north Lebanon. These artisans use traditionnal tools and techniques learned from their ancestors.

We use imported waste wood from certified suppliers, FSC forests ; ensuring no part of the trees goes to waste. The letters are then coated with natural organic coconut oil for protection.

In line with our commitment to ethical and sustainable production, Serie01’s packaging is made of locally sourced recycled paper. The paper is handmade by artisans from Tyr - south Lebanon. These artisans use banana leaves waste, collected from the local area to add in their mix.


At Juzur, we find that the beauty of handcrafted is in the "imperfection and irregularities of the products creating their uniqueness. We decided to intentionally keep these irregularities to feel the rawness of the hand made.

Serie01’s letters are a perfect gift for all ages and occasions.

They can be used as tableware, napkin holders, cutlery holders, table placements or even clusters etc. They can be displayed in different ways and places. Freedom of use of the product aspires to create a sense of community where each one can express oneself.












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